A man can go no further in his spiritual life than his understanding and application of God's truth. Through studying the Word together, wrestling with the text and listening to other men share from their lives, we can take the higher ground as we follow Christ.

MEN OF THE WORD STUDY - Paul: THE apostle of truth and grace

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Who: A study for all men led by Pastor Jim Wright.

What:  On the road to Damascus, Jesus Christ dramatically called Saul, a zealous persecutor of Christians, to be Paul, His apostle of truth and grace and a defender of the faith.  In this study we will look at the life and teaching of the Apostle Paul.  As we do, we'll gain deeper insights into the truth of the Gospel and the majesty and wonder of God’s Grace, encouraging our own growth and development as a Christian.

Where: Crossroads, Room 130.

When: Breaking for the summer. Will resume September 3rd.

Contact:  For more information contact Jim Wright at jwright@cbcbellevue.com.


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Who: Any man. 

What: This is a three book, six to twelve month study done in a small, facilitated discipleship group. It includes topical subjects  and scripture memorization. Each group has an individual start and stop date and once started, will be closed to new men joining. The study requires a strong commitment from the start.

The 3 book series, Every Man A Warrior, by Lonnie Berger and memorization cards cost $37.00 and can be purchased through Men's Ministry.

For more information about the series visit www.EveryManAWarrior.com

Where: Meeting place is agreed upon by each group.

When: Meeting times agreed upon by each group. Groups typically meet weekly.

Contact:  Contact Jim Wright for more information at jwright@cbcbellevue.com.



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Facing Your Trials - Jan 9 through Mar 27

Making an Impact - April 3 through June 5

Godly Relationships - Sep 18 through Dec 4

Who: Men of all ages and experiences. 

What: A Bible based life group that seeks to go deeper with God and His Word in an encouraging and interactive discussion based format in order to enable a man to live as an authentic disciple of Jesus.  This is a video-based curriculum. We watch a 12-13 minute video each week, and discuss the life implications and applications of each subject. 

Where: Crossroads, MAC Room 706.

When: Breaking for the summer. Will resume September 18th.

Contact: For more information or to join, contact Brad Stewart at nwbattlecry@gmail.com or call at (253) 380-3073.



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Who: Men of all ages and life experiences.  Usually 15-20 guys are in the study.

What:  The book of Hebrews.

A discussion oriented Bible Study from 7:30 to 8:30 that is facilitated by a member of the group with questions emailed each week to the study group.

From 8:30-9:00 we break up in groups of 4-5 and hold each other up with prayer and praise. We pray for individual needs and issues faced in family, work, the church, missions and our nation.

In doing this we get to know each man's story and his heart so that we can encourage each other and lock arms in the battle. 

Where: Crossroads, Fireside Room, West entrance.

When: Saturday mornings from 7:30 to 9:00 am. Men are welcome to join this study at any time.

Contact: For more information contact Jim Tobin at jvjtobin@msn.com or Jerry Foree at jerry4e@comcast.net