The above vision statement guides us as a fellowship of men, to help us understand who we are in Christ and how we can live out the truths we find in the Bible.  We are committed to helping every man, whether single, married, a father, boss or employee, to be complete in Christ.

It takes high doses of Christian courage to live as a man in today's culture.  At a time when some men are becoming passive and shirking responsibilities, we teach our men to go in the opposite direction; that is, to be the man God is calling them to be. 

We are committed to helping every Crossroad’s man achieve this courage by pressing into his hang ups, facing them squarely, and moving forward by faith into spiritual maturity.  We all have hang ups. We just need help to know how to handle them.  Growth happens as we follow the habits of a healthy Christian in Bible study. He's the vine; we're the branches. Our life is drawn from Him. (John 15: 1-6)

We can help you be complete in Christ! 


Jim Wright

Men's Ministry Pastor


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